We provide design engineering and fabricating services for Coal Yard Fabrications projects by cutting, bending, and assembling processes. This fabrication structure is used for storage and transport of coal.

EXPLORE OUR Coal Yard Fabricatrion PROJECTS


Geeta Industries made India proud by providing Coal Yard, Lignite and other mineral’s storage covering solutions using SPACE FRAME STRUCTURE across the India.

We kept our reputation the same till now. On the other hand, this firm went forward towards its destination. With time, we develop dedicated team to be a leader in this relevant zone.

Teamwork is absolutely awesome above all because all ideas have been assembled under one roof. However, we can decide anything under this roof. Besides, we materialized various ideas into reality with hard work.

In other words, Geeta Industries is specialize in manufacturing, supplying, transportation, and quality control measure to concur any kind of challenges. And have a special team to cater project from idea to execution stage.

Every worker spends their precious time improving their expertise along with experience. They know well how to manage time and quality by all means. Our founder believes that we can achieve popularity by serving best quality and completion of project within a stipulated time frame in a good mannerism.

For designing solution we take service of latest designing software and submit design and stability DATA to the client to giving metal peace and satisfaction. Also all nodes and links are duly machined on CNC Machines.

Uses :

  • Lignite and coal storage regulates electricity by almost 80%.
  • It acts as a synthetic natural gas generator at about 13%.
  • Lignite helps to produce fertilizer products.
  • On the other hand, it is accessible and abundant.
  • Furthermore, this product is environmentally sustainable.

These type of structure is used at

  • Thermal Power Plant
  • Refineries
  • Cement Industries.
  • Mineral Mines.
  • At all location where bulk storage is required.

We offer an economically sound solution by delivering lignite & other mineral storage yard fabrication throughout the region over the year.

In other words, Geeta Industries is ensuring the best possible quality services around the year at each stage of construction.

We have an efficient team who has operated every procedure of production in our manufacture unit, so We can provide unique Coal yard fabrication to our clients because of our most economical design, Sound quality and     standard materials and on-time Project completion to reduced excess expenses.

A lignite is a natural form of coal and it can be used in Thermal plants. If coal combustion increases the homogeneity of the fuel, it will reduce transportation costs.

During bad conditions, stackers can reclaim the coal in place of damp and sticky coal. We assess the condition based on the maintenance. On the other hand, oil quality, pressure measurement, and vibration reading are included in it.Coal yard fabrication can be done under our skilled staff. They are our masters in this relevant field.