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S.S. Sheets cladding on Pedestal columns at Arrival & Departure both building of AHMEDABAD AIR PORT

8. S.S. railing in HOTEL PRIDE. Nr.  Judges Bung low.

S.S. Sheet cladding on circular steel column In Rolling Pin design At entrance porch canopy Column h .t is 40 feet project is at New Arrival & departure bldg. of AHMEDABAD AIR PORT

9. S.S. & M.S. railings for PANTALOON Retails India at Rajkot  
3. S.S. Urinal Partition at Ahmedabad Airport. 10. S.S. & M.S. railings for         BIG BAZAR for bapunagar
4. S.S. Railings at Planet Earth SCIENCE CITY. 11. S.S. & M.S. railings for BIG BAZAR for THE HIMALAY MALL
M.S. Railings at Planet Earth SCIENCE CITY
12. S.S. Passenger shelter for BRTS project in Ahmadabad City
S.S. railings in THE HIMALAYA MALL at Gurukul road in Ahmedabad.
13. S.S. Fountain at Nawa Wadaj for Ahmadabad Municipal Corporation
S.S. railing in WIDE ANGLE Theater in Ahmedabad.
Product Range
Our Projects
Some of our on-going projects under different agencies are :

Supply of SS components for bolted glazing, SS railings, fabrication & installation of Canopy, MS brackets, Flag posts, Signage installation, etc

SS railings, Canopy.

Canopy, Bolted Glazing Components, Brackets, Support Ladders, Hand Rails, etc.

Fabrication and installation of Canopy and Glass Chejja.

Pipe structure for bolted glazing SS components.


Bolted glazing structure and components.


MS and SS components, brackets for bolted glazing.




Sculpture work Stainless steel

Sculpture work Stainless steel

Sculpture work Stainless steel

Heavy Fabrication

SS component supply

SS Components

SS Bolted Glazing

SS components

SS components - bolted glazing

M S Components.


Geeta Industries - S.S Projects for Stainless Steel Railling, Stainless Steel Balustrades, Stainless Steel Hand Rail, Stainless Steel Cladding, Stainless Steel Accessory, Stainless Steel Furnitures, ACP Claddings, Glass Glazzings, False Ceilings, Maharashtra, Mumbai, Pune, Dubai, Katar.