Our metal cladding construction includes roofing, cladding, fencing products and more. Cladding is often achieved by extruding two metals through a die as well as pressing or rolling sheets together under high pressure.

Metal Cladding Projects



2. Pedstal Column Cladding At SV Patel Airport, Ahmedabad

Geeta Industries
Geeta Industries
Geeta Industries


Metal Cladding & Façade

4. CORTEN STEEL CLADDING At BSE Tower , Gift City, Gandhinagar

Geeta Industries
Geeta Industries

Geeta Industry has come with cutting-edge technology by providing adequate business opportunities to an individual and start-ups. We gain admiration for our easy cladding installation. This firm is based in Ahmedabad and was incorporated in 1995. In each sector of Architectural, industrial and various infrastructural huge projects across PAN India.

On the other hand, Stainless Steel, and various metal Cladding plays a vital role in aesthetic appearance of all kind of building, and also provides other benefits like  Strong project against whether effect on building , excellent appearance, reduced construction cost etc.

We need to develop efficient energy and less capital along with maintenance costs.

Standard quality, well-equipped and simple installation may help maximize thermal performance. In other words, it reduces air leakage and unnatural conditions.

Geeta Industries caters services for Wall & Column Cladding  domestic and exporting Panel to abroad.

Every month, we identify new leads and we update an ongoing project with contact details. As per convenience, customers will get an e-training project catalogue to choose design models from. Apart from that, we do Facade Glazing work, Solar panel cladding according to client’s requirement. Our experts assemble altogether all flow of project information from projects. Geeta Industry marks its product price details as per quality, transparency, reliability, transportation cost, maintenance cost, daily market rate, and other related parts.

There are some criteria’s will depend on considerations wise

  • Purposes of uses of buildings
  • Internal and External Environment
  • longevity
  • Local Area
  • Regulation & Planning Requirements
  • Availability
  • Accessibility
  • Budget
  • Necessity of Maintenance and Structural Component

Our journey is still going on and we achieved a lot of success through perseverance and patience. We stepped into this field, we were nothing at that moment. Today, we have almost reached our goal of what we dreamt of every single day. On the other hand, we increase our unit area and manpower. We got fame for Metal Cladding in Gujarat. Besides, we are strong enough to overcome in every direction and can handle it with care.

Here are some advantages. Take on a look-

Advantages of using SS Cladding on wall and columns

  • Cladding provides security.
  • It builds an external façade.
  • In other words, this prevents the spread of fire and sound transmission.
  • Cladding helps to deliver thermal insulation.
  • Amidst all, cladding saves building from bad condition of weather.
  • It controls the internal environment.
  • Cladding offers accessibility, daylight, and ventilation.
  • At public place (Airport, Hotel, and Railway station) prevent to damages from public movement with luggage.

On the other hand, Geeta Industries has gathered over 20 years of experience in data mining and data dissemination.  We are serving our clients over the year’s business ready information. Our world-class corten steel murals give your décor a modern look beyond all each customer can realize an imagination to create bespoke features. We are one of the leading Corten steel Cladding Columns & walls in India. We have execute numbers of project for well-known architects and architectural project in Gujarat. Also our dedicated design team provide design solutions to the user.

We use ultra modern laser cutting machine and CNC bending to achieve highest level of accuracy and quality

Our appliances can uniquely décor your construction. We have made our own style and design. Anyone can’t imagine our design because we try to bring an exclusive design always. According to our trustworthy client’s recommendation, we put our effort into creating a unique design with unmatchable features.  Our metal cladding construction has to be strong construction.

In various sectors, people are looking for Stainless Steel cladding on wall & Colum for different purposes. It has several advantages.

Here, we have given details of its advantages as follows

  • Best design solutions.
  • Zero maintenance
  • Longevity
  • Fine Finished
  • Corrosion Resistance
  • Increase Building’s Life

On the other hand, Metal façade cladding is highly durable because it prevents environmental effects in an active way. It is used in an external part of the building construction. Metal Façade Cladding is becoming a top choice amongst people who are looking forward to selecting for their wall part. There are multiple key points you will check while purchasing. These are versatility, less maintenance, compatibility, sustainable environmentally, eco-friendly, user-friendly, pocket-friendly budgets, easy insulation, simple installation, etc.