1. Geodesic Dome Kankaria, Ahmedabad

Geeta Industries stepped into this respective field in 1995. We take valuable ideas from the clients and try to make them happen. In many ways, we put a ton of effort into production procedures. However, our manufacturing unit has occupied a vast area beside our company.

We challenge ourselves to take on new responsibilities and try to fulfill all the responsibilities with utmost care and love. Our happy workers spend their time checking out every detail during the manufacturing process and transportation.

Apart from that, Geeta Industries has been using Geodesic Domes hotels and resorts, villas, exhibition centre, Zoo ,Green houses,  for various purposes. Due to our unique design and innovative features, Geodesic Domes bagged an important place in the hospitality and architectural industry.

Geeta Industries has made a mark by manufacturing Geodesic Domes with fabric covering and without any kind of covering as per architect or client’s requirement. Geodesic Domes are enraptured by creative design. In other words, it has been placed as an alternative to Swiss cottage design.



We are offering unique shapes with sturdy structures of Geodesic Domes. Our PVC Geodesic Domes are quite common for any event. Are you exploring a special design of Geodesic Design for an outdoor event? Our Geodesic Design comes with a new Experience.


As the spherical interior of the dome is strong, it does not require any support system. We emphasize design and material correctness as well. In this scenario, this firm has given a positive approach to its workers who are experts and retain professionalism in every step of growth.
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