Our construction of steel structures includes construction of its foundations, columns, beams and floors systems. Construction phases of structural steel frame. Our teamwork, coordination and collaboration are the base in fostering successful construction projects.




3. IIT RAM Collage , Khokhra


5. TOLL PLAZA,  Kherwada (Rajasthan)

6.  ONGC Dahej

7.  Sintex, Rajula, Amreli

8. C.A Patel Charitable Trust, Vadodara

Geeta Industries is one of the leading space frame installers. We are well-known for Leading Space Frame manufacturer from Ahmedabad. From the very beginning, we saw multiple hurdles during the production procedure and distribution.

In other words, Geeta Industries stands out for development and execution of the very complex jobs. We enlarge our organization to fabrication projects such as space frames, domes, canopies, and other projects within the stipulated time.

Our expert team is plighted in designing, covering, and parallel activities with a piece of sound knowledge in every aspect. It allows us to be a one-stop Architectural and Industrial workshop. In other words, we built a sturdy space frame in PAN India.

First of all, we find out the confusion regarding anything. Then, we sort out the complications that arise when versatile technologists are fetched in any project. Furthermore, we try to make a base a little easier.

Geeta Industries offers extensive estimations that allow you to decide which one ensemble your organization best in every possible way. Our evolution fulfills the touchstone needed to fetch your firm in line with the latest technologies.

We focus all zone of importance around an infrastructure site and our workmanship will give you crystal clear brief info that leaves no space for enigma. However, this firm has become famous for space frame in India.

With our proven record, we provide site fabrications, installation, and high-end services. Our turn-key to success is to coordinate with each other and integrity above all for the project works.

Nevertheless, our professionals are linked with difficult fabrication, sheeting, and cladding. They accomplished all these things with extreme care.

Everyone needs to know about project work and the specification of this. We need project work specifications before starting any project to make it a little bit easier by all means.

Considering a tight meeting schedule and clients’ expectations have made us the one-stop solution. We created a strong consumer base around the Space Frame Gujarat.

There are many applications of Space Frame Structure :-

Let’s have a look :-

A stronger construction is made of interlocking tetrahedral. Space Frame Structure in India is now a common trademark in modern apartment construction. It can be used to exceed the rooftop span by using a modern technique. Our well-versed designers design the structure with the help of a robust matrix.

Typically, the characteristics of the space frame depend on angular factors. It has quite different design engineering of Nodes. Links connectors etc. Which we design using latest design software. We offer any shape of space frame like, Flat, Pyramid circular domes, oval shape etc.

Space Frame Structure elements are featured by multiple grid-like single-layer grids, double-layer grids, and triple-layer grids.

Each of the layers comprises a lattice of triangles, squares, and hexagons. Nodes may be displaced from each other. In many ways, diagonal members are linked with various layers of nodes. Space frame can be derived by three layers like Top grid, Cross grid and bottom grid.

We provide 100% modular space frame as per client’s required shape, design and details.

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