For structural engineering, we design a pre-engineered building (PEB) to be fabricated using best-suited inventory of raw materials available from all sources and manufacturing methods that can efficiently satisfy a wide range of structural and aesthetic design requirements.

PEB Projects


Geeta Industries revolutionized the pre-engineered steel building by making bespoke buildings for industrial purposes and architectural purpose. To create buildings that are designed in a befitting manner, skills and knowledge that we have earned over 25 years. Our building materials are well in good and highly durable.

We produced all steel building by using latest design software and well equipped workshop and dedicated installation team

On the other hand, anyone can choose us for their construction purposes because of our affordability. We allow each starts up companies to achieve its needs under our supervision. However, we try to help them to go forward to their destination.

Many customers appreciate our work done before for warehouse building fabrication. Geeta Industries has stood up from other competitors in India. We specialize in manufacturing pre-fab steel fabrication in India.

Why choose us

Our staff gives a brief of every design, engineering work, and quotation in the desired manner.On the other hand, factory building fabrication is going to be a trend irrespective of demand.

A lot of research has been done by our technician. Currently, we are hiring staff for our manufacturing unit. As we have well-equipped types of machinery in our unit, we can produce good quality products through these.

We have over 97 happy clients along with we have finished almost 93 projects. On the other hand, Geeta Industries have more than 90 workers across the unit.

They work hard and dedicate full time with patience. Furthermore, they are passionate about work. We deal with our customers through their immense support.

Our founder believes that our dedicated team are the backbone of our development. Anyone can visit our registered office for queries. We will help you out with care.

In a nutshell, our designer crafted the design and display all on our site so that any customers can go through the designs and hire us as per their budget and requirements. Our happy customers trust on us and give us space to do a great job with care. We maintain quality control.

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