Tensile Fabric Structure

Geeta Industries is the most innovative tensile fabric structure manufacturer in India, offering an extensive range of sustainable and stylish tensile fabric structures. We specialize in the design, engineering, fabricating, and installation of intricate and artistically challenging industrial, commercial, and prototype architecture projects. These tensile fabric structures can be installed as a roof for temporary and semi-permanent type installations.

One of the main advantages of using tensile fabric is its flexibility; it can be stretched over a framework to create a stable and flexible covering and it can be used in architecture and construction for things like tents, roofs, and canopies. All the designing and fabrication work is undertaken in our manufacturing unit which takes less time than the traditional method.

Tensile fabric is used to manufacture these structures because this material can be stretched and pulled tight to give the required shape without tearing the fabric. Our offered range of tensile fabric structures is designed to withstand high forces and tension. The tensile structures are highly preferred for the installation of the roof because it is considered to be swift and cost-effective.

Tensile fabric is preferred more as compared to traditional methods for constructing canopies, tents, and roofs. Various properties of tensile fabric like high strength, stretch, cost-effectiveness, flexibility, and durability make it the most extensively used material for building architecture and structures. Tensile fabric is the least expensive choice for longer-term fabrications.

Tensile Fabric Structure PROJECTS

1. Gujarat Science City, Ahmedabad

2.  Sintex, Kalol

3. Gazebo Emerald Park, Thol

4. Balaji Valley, Ahmedabad

5. Balaji Agora Mall, Ahmedabad

6. Fabric Tensile Structure for Car Parking

7. Others

Advantages of Tensile Fabric Structure:

⇒ Highly durable: Tensile fabric structures are proven to be highly sustainable and durable and if properly maintained then they can last for a longer period. Tensile fabric is made by combining various materials which ensures high durability of the structure and these tensile membrane structures are proven to withstand severe climate conditions.

⇒ Numerous designs: Tensile fabric structures can hold numerous forms; thus, creating dramatic structural buildings and offering a variety of designs. As tensile fabric structure has high flexibility, it gives designers, engineers, and architects the opportunity to form and make various visually attractive and iconic structures. Moreover, the main benefit of tensile structure is that it can be designed and created as per your specific requirements.

⇒ Cost-effective: Another advantage of tensile structures is that they are cost-effective and are used to cover long-span areas. In addition to that, the tensile structure for the rooftop requires less steel as compared to the traditional building. Thus, it cuts down the cost of the entire project and is considered to be a cost-effective option.

⇒ Quicker Installations: Due to their lightweight feature, the installation of these tensile structures is quicker and easier in comparison to conventional construction projects. As all the processes like designing, engineering, and fabrication work are done in our factory, the time required for installation will be less.

⇒ Low-maintenance: Tensile fabric structure require low maintenance; it can be used with various coatings such as PVDF top-coat on PVC membranes or PTFE coating on a protective acrylic or woven fiberglass membrane, this ensures low maintenance cost. Moreover, although they have the ability to cover a large area, a rooftop made of tensile fabric is considered to require lower maintenance than that of a conventional structure.

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