Geeta Industries is the best provider of coal yard fabrication in Gujarat, India; we provide first-class design and fabrication services to coal yard projects. It is essential to maintain the quality of resources like coal, lignite, etc., by enhancing the performance of their handling systems. This range of space frame structures ensures the protection of the huge investment in the thermal power plant.

We provide design engineering and fabricating services for Coal Yard fabrication projects by cutting, bending, and assembling processes. This fabrication structure is used for storage and transport of coal.

EXPLORE OUR Coal Yard Fabrication PROJECTS

1. COAL YARD Fabrication AT BHADRESHWAR, Kutchh

At coal yards, impurities of coal are removed and the waste is dumped in waste piles. Rain permeates through these waste piles which contains harmful components and increases TDS in local water bodies. This coal yard fabrication prevents any kind of damage to plants, animals, and humans that may occur from the process and removal of habitat and pollution. Moreover, this fabrication for coal storage avoids drastic changes in the local area and land fertility.

Along with that, we are renowned as the best fabrication company in Ahmedabad because of the finest solutions provided to the coal yard, lignite, and other mineral storage covering using space frame structures. Our firm has earned a great reputation in the industry because of the quality solutions and reasonable price range. We have been moving forward towards our destination by developing the best team of skilled and experienced professionals in the particular field.

This type of fabrication is used in various applications:-

Advantages of Coal Yard Fabrication:

Being one of the largest Heavy fabrication companies in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, we specialize in offering a wide range of heavy fabrications to meet various specifications and requirements of customers. Our expertise lies in offering these structural fabrications to support processes involving storage, covering, and other purposes as per requirement. This custom fabrication is manufactured using the best quality materials to meet the set standards and welding needs.

These heavy fabrications are highly appreciated and demanded in the market as they have with various features like reliability, long functional life, versatility, custom-designed nature, and durability. Moreover, these products and services are available at reasonable prices and meet the latest design and standards.

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